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I need to know what type of snake this is. It bit our dog. Snake

We're located in Georgia, near Atlanta. Dog is already with the vet.
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Best answer: Hard to be 100% sure from the picture but it looks like it might be a copperhead.
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I'm guessing copperhead, but this is a guess, based on the internet.. See this page: How dangerous are copperhead snakes and various google images.

I strongly recommend calling a local pest control (maybe these guys) and asking them if you can email the picture. They can give you an ID and tell you how certain they are.

Good wishes for the pup.
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Copperhead, definitely.
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Based on the photos on this page, copperhead seems like the only one that comes close. Hope your dog's OK.
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Absolutely a copperhead; I live in GA out in the woods and see these from time to time They are also one of the most common snakes to bite humans around here. I have a friend whose six year old was bitten a few years ago and we just had a 9 year old bitten by one a week or so ago; both did fine. Fortunately copperheads are relatively weakly venomouns compared to some other snakes, even without treatment the mortality rate for human adults bitten by one is less than 1%.

That brown hourglass pattern is very distinctive and once you have seen it a few times it is easy to recognize. Captain_Science's link to the SREL herpetology site is a good one for info on reptiles and amphibians in the southeast; a friend of mine used to work there.
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That is almost surely a copperhead, the hourglass pattern is super distinct.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the id help. The snake was a copperhead, apparently a juvenile one going by the description/pictures in Captain_Science's link.

Max is currently with the vet, we'll be moving him to the emergency vet in a few hours so he can be observed overnight. They've found a vial of anti-venom nearby, but they want to see how he responds to supportive care first.

He's strong, but they're currently worried about his paw.
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Response by poster: Also, This is Max.
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Copperhead bites to dogs are serious but usually survivable. I know two dogs who have been bitten 6 or more times (Kelso the hound mutt and Burma the plott hound - THEY DO NOT LEARN. EVER.) It sounds like your vet is on top of this; antivenin use in dogs presents dangers of its own. Scritch Max between the ears for me.
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Dogs can get snake aversion training. My gf used to live in the South, where there were copperheads, water moccasins, and rattlesnakes. Her dogs -all- got snake aversion training. I'd be surprised if your vet didn't have five or six trainers' numbers right on hand to do that training.
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Please keep us posted !
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I hope that this has a happy ending. Would love an update.
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