Where can I find lead-free etched crystal glasses?
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Where can I find lead-free etched crystal glasses?

After noting that all of our crystal came in boxes with warnings about the lead content, we returned all of our wine and drink glasses and are now having difficulty finding glassware that is equally nice looking without have lead in it.

Without a major discussion on the true risks of leaded crystal-ware, can anyone please point us in the direction of some etched or otherwise nice looking crystal glasses (wine, high balls, drinking) that are not made with leaded crystal?

Huge bonus points if carried by Macy's or Belk!
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Without getting the risks of leaded crystal-ware, there are a number of companies making fine lead-free "crystal" glassware with two alternative metals: titanium and magnesium. If you google "titanium crystal glass" or "magnesium crystal glass" you can find several of them at the top of the list.
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"The glass mass used by iittala glassworks is high-quality lead-free glass designed to meet the requirements of both art glass and utility glass. It is optically very clear and resistant to both chemical and mechanical wear. As to the specific weight and refractivity, it meets the requirements to be classified as crystal.

iittala glass factories are located in small towns in Finland: Iittala, Nuutajärvi and Humppila."

List of iittala retailers in the US.
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March 16, 2010:
"Swedish glass maker Orrefors Kosta Boda has landed a $5.4 million contract to supply fine crystal stemware to US embassies worldwide. Kosta Boda has landed a $5.4 million contract to supply fine crystal stemware to US embassies worldwide. (...)
"We won the contract for our design but they were also interested in our lead-free products and environmentally-friendly approach to glass making," Eva-Marie Hagström said."

"The Swedish company couldn't identify an American manufacturer to meet the lead-free requirement of the order for table top glassware and crystal for use in formal events, according to the State Department."

March 26, 2010:
"Glass maker Orrefors has reacted with astonishment to US media reports that Hillary Clinton has bowed under pressure to rebid a major contract won by the Swedish firm. (...)
But democratic senator Charles Schumer said US official Patrick F. Kennedy had revealed the official turnaround at a private meeting.

"They're going to rebid it so that American-made glass gets preference, and we have every confidence that Steuben is going to win it," Schumer told the New York Post."

September 15, 2011:
"Steuben Glass Factory and Store to Close."
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