Editing wmv files on a mac
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What is the best tool or software to use for editing wmv files on a mac? I need to pull several short clips from wmv files to make a clip reel. What is the best tool to use? Thanks!
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Install this and then edit using the quicktime program of your choice.
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To edit, you'll need Quicktime 7 Pro (which is different from the basic quicktime software on your system).

But yes to getting flip4mac (per previous poster) to even open the wmv files. Though you surely have it already if you have lots of wmv files on your computer.
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Response by poster: I have flip4mac but wanted to find the easiest editor. Thanks!
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Oh, that's a completely different question, then -- with flip4mac the fact that your source material is wmv is a red herring.

It depends on what you mean by "easy" -- if you want to just bang a few clips together and don't need fine control over transitions and timing, Quicktime Pro is enough; you can just cut and paste bits of video together.

The next step up is probably iMovie, though the current version is a very love-it-or-hate-it kind of thing (it uses an interface that feels very strange to people used to more traditional NLE style editing).

For a free alternative, I've never used this but a friend of mine swears by Hyperengine AV.
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