Help me find the big(program) one that got away.
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Help me find this obscure software from the dawn of Mac OS X. It was a desktop fishy that let people take screenshots of your desktop remotely.

It was around '99 or 2000. This programmer made this cool but useless little app. When you ran it, a red snapper appeared on your desktop. On the side it had a http:// That IP number was your computer. If someone entered that into their browser, the Snapper would take a picture of your desktop and send it to the person. The viewed the pic in their browser.

Other clues: My memory is fuzzy but the he/she worked for a big tech company by day and then programmed these little apps at night. He/she made other apps but I don't remember the others.

He/she had a thing for cats. There was some kind of OS X icons with a cat theme. There was possibly a cat web cam.

He/she also made a whole bunch of icons for OS X. One was a solar system theme.

It's possible, possible, that some of these little icons and apps came on a MacAddict magazine CD. I may be misremembering this. I had a lot of MA discs at that time.

It's also possible that this was an OS 9 app. At the time I used both operating systems. So I don't remember which one it was.

I'd like to know:
1.the name of the programmer.
2.If there's a copy of the program I could get.
3.Bonus: Source code of program.
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Red Snapper?

That one's currently called Web Snapper , and they are now using a turtle.
posted by Quisp Lover at 8:14 PM on April 24, 2012

Mac Orchard says it's SnapperHead from Bains Software, run by Navdeep Bains.

There's contact info, but no download.
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The download at Tucows still works. And it (surprisingly) runs OK for me on 10.6.8. I thought I'd ditched Rosetta somewhere along the upgrade line, but apparently it's still buried there…
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Ha! Thanks.
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The readme from the Tucows download says that Bains purchased the app from John Schilling of Stimpsoft, who died in 2011. Schilling was the cat fancier you're thinking of.
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Just came back in to post what Mad_Carew said. Although the icon packs are no longer available on his website, Googling seems to find some for download at various icon sites e.g. InterfaceLIFT.
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"John Schilling of Stimpsoft, who died in 2011"

Is this true?! Aww. I loved some of his stuff!
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I did a quick re-google and I can't find where I saw that reference. Sorry, but the best I can do right now is "I heard it on the Internet."
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