Kenny f***n' Powers
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Where can this most awesome of T-shirts worn by Kenny Powers be found?
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It's a Rip Curl "peace palms" tshirt (with sleeves torn off). Seems to be sold out everywhere but maybe you'll have better luck searching.
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Actually, on second look, the two are slightly different. But maybe close enough?
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I notice that the Rip Curl shirt (alice) links to is called 'Peace Palms Returns.'

Just guessing here, but maybe Powers wears an OG Peace Palms design, or maybe Rip Curl adapted the work of another company or designer.
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According to this interview a lot of his t-shirts come from surf shops in Myrtle Beach.
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Thanks, guys! It appears that finding the exact shirt might require a trip to Myrtle Beach. Looks like I'll have to satisfy myself trying to find something close.
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A lot of scripted shows don't allow their actors to wear identifiable logos or 'real' t-shirts that come off the rack. My assumption is that this is a legal restriction, but I can't say for certain. That's why you see so many weird in-joke T's on, for example, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And then Fox can sell them to you.
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