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What are this year's (or last year's) campest, trashiest reality shows from the US?

Not mainstream juggernauts like American Idol and Amazing Race. Looking for the kooky, kitsch or fringe classics, like Extreme Couponing: All Stars, Freaky Eaters or the sorely missed Girls Next Door.
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Hillbilly Handfishin'
Duck Dynasty
Billy the Exterminator
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Shahs of Sunset is pretty ridic in the "Girls next door" vein. Its like "how many stereotypes can we fit in a half hour- and the answer is none, none more stereotypes."
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Rupaul's Drag Race has GOT to fit in here.
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face off
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also, you might want to watch some past episodes of the soup, they feature a lot of the great weird ones.
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Storage Wars.

Also My Strange Addiction is arguably the oddest show I've ever seen.

Also seconding Billy the Exterminator and Duck Dynasty.
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TLC's My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding should be a must-see! Despite the title, most of the people aren't Roma.
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There's Toddlers and Tiaras on TLC, but they just started a sort of spinoff called Eden's World on Logo, in which Eden Wood, who "retired" at the age of 6 (and is now... 7), goes around the country with her entourage to advise other kiddie beauty pageant contestants, while she waltzes into New York studios looking like Belle Watling from Gone With The Wind.

Also, she raps.
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I assume you've seen the train wreck that is Toddlers and Tiaras?
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Jerseylicious. I find it more entertaining than Jersey shore although you could not force me to explain why (thus proving I've thought about it).
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not from the last year or two, but i'm a celebrity get me out of here UK edition can be pretty wonderful and trashy - i liked the season with shaun ryder on it.
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For trashy people from England, you can't beat The Only Way is Essex. It's on Hulu now.

I also vote for RuPaul's Drag Race.
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Seconding Jersylicious. That show is really painful to watch.

I don't think it's still on, but the show "Tool Academy" had some ridiculous characters on it, particularly the first season.

The travel channel has just started a rip-off of Storage Wars called "Baggage Battles". Basically the same premise, but for unclaimed luggage at airports. I haven't seen it yet, but I do not have high hopes.

TruTV had a show called "Rehab: Party at the HardRock" that followed around some hotel staff at a giant weekly party.

Oh, one of the classics of trashy tv is "Operation Repo" (also TruTV), but that was mostly scripted.

I almost hate to mention it in the same context as all of these trashy shows, but "Parking Wars" is actually a legitimately good reality-ish show. Definitely off-beat in terms of subject matter.

This question is reminding me just how much really bad TV I used to watch
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It's not all that new, but it's hard to get trashier than Bridezillas
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If you can get hold of it, the British show Snog, Marry, Avoid. Seriously weird, and definitely trashy.
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Pregnant in Heels was a super-indulgent show that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.
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Doomsday Preppers is fun.
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Jerseylicious, definitely.
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Bad girls club! It's on Oxygen, and I think there's a season running right now.
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Ink Master (on Spike) and its clone Best Ink (on Oxygen)
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I like my trashy 'reality' in the forms of Say Yes To The Dress (NYC not ATL) and Paranormal State (which is the cheesiest).
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Dog the Bounty Hunter - by god what utter trash.
Storage Wars is comparatively high-brow and does not belong on this list
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> Storage Wars is comparatively high-brow and does not belong on this list

x2. As these things go, Storage Wars is actually quite tame and not at all trashy. The mix of personalities is interesting, but their actions are hardly salacious or even all that cutthroat. They view each other as competitors, but I think most regular viewers would agree it's a fairly friendly competition.

To me, trashy in this context means that I am watching the show just to see how fucked up these peoples lives are, typically because they consistently make poor decisions that cause them and others embarrassment, anguish, and unnecessary drama. Occasionally, in the case of a show like Hardcore Pawn, it's also about the many other dysfunctional people that traipse through the show trying to sell stolen goods or their mother's wedding ring so they can get their next fix, and then they get indignant when they are offered pennies on the dollar, or simply told, "No, we won't buy that." Trashy shows like that have a "car accident" quality about them that makes it hard to look away, but which also makes one want to take a shower or wash one's eyes out with bleach after each episode. That's trashy.
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Oh, MAN, Hardcore Pawn is bad. At least Pawn Stars keeps up the illusion that they're some sort of dude core family business. On the one episode of Hardcore Pawn I saw, people were waiting for the place to open so they could pawn their toasters, a woman was buying a watch for her husband to replace the watch she'd pawned but couldn't afford to buy back, and a guy was returning to pick up his pawned PROSTHETIC LEG.

Really, you should just watch The Soup to get good ideas about what you're missing.
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hands down, bad girls club has to be the trashiest reality show out there. Will make jersey shore seem high end. what i like about the show are the self-referential edits and jokes that the producers throw in. but the actual content (fighting, encouraging troubled young women to do nothing but drink and argue about nothing) is VERY trashy.
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American Stuffers (Taxidermy!)
Doomsday Preppers (Tin-foil hats!)
Swamp people (Alligators!) is a few years into production, but not to be missed.
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I had the misfortune of seeing a few episodes of Southern Fried Stings on truTV this past weekend. It was like a train wreck and I could not look away.
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The most recent season was in 2010, but seriously, Solitary is the bizarrest reality series ever. It's strangely compelling.
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Please don't watch Basketball Wives
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