Help me find a pleated dress
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I need help finding a particular dress, or more likely, in learning the name of a particular style of dress.

Earlier in the month, we saw a performance starring Kathy Voytko, who for one number wore an amazing pleated dress. I've been able to find a photo of her wearing it at a second event here. It is a mid-calf strapless dress that starts at the top to be stripes of floral and black, and then the pleating at the bottom are almost entirely black, with wisps of floral print.

I have a friend who works in the theater where we saw the performance, and was not able to find out specifically where the dress was made, or by whom, and I suspect it might be out of my price range anyway. (I'm also having problem tracking down legit contact information for her online, but frankly I'm more interested in the dress than her.) So my question is - how would I search for a dress of this type? Have you seen something similar online somewhere? I'm not normally a frilly dress kind of girl, but as soon as she walked out on stage it took my breath away, and I told my husband that I absolutely loved it.
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"Floral dress with sheer pleated overlay"?
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If you aren't using it yet, should be your best friend. I searched dresses with the keywords "strapless pleated floral," and I'm seeing some pretty great analogs.
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Googling "ribbon mesh dress" turned up this one and several other similar dresses.
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It's very similar to this one. $69.99 at

They are just calling it a pleated cocktail dress.
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Response by poster: Wow, you guys are good. Thank you from this decidedly non-girly girl. You've opened up whole new avenues of searching! :)
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