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Best online service for creating and submitting smartphone apps?

I have an idea for an app. It's fairly simple. I have the design done, the icons and color scheme info ready, and all necessary data feeds identified. There are a ton of online services (AppMakr, etc.) that are available for use, but I'm not sure what my the best option is.

Here's what I'd like:
- Ability to simultaneously create an app for Windows, Android, and iOS
- Flat fee rather than ongoing monthly fee
- Ability to either have in-app ads, or charge for the app
- In a perfect world, the service also takes care of submission to Google, Apple, etc.
- Requires little or no coding on my part
- Leaves me with full ownership and control

Is there a service out there that ticks all those boxes? If not, what's my best bet?

Any personal experiences worth sharing before I get into this?
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Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the only way to check all your boxes is to hire someone to develop it and submit it for you. Having the service manage your app store submissions requires an ongoing engagement, and flat pricing makes revisions difficult for you unless they store your code and charge you for new versions -- at which point you're nearly back to paying monthly for ongoing service.
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Nope. You'll need to hook up with a developer or development house that can translate your specifications into ready to go software. There are inherient limitations to any service that promises otherwise.
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NotMyselfRightNow, you say "There are a ton of online services (AppMakr, etc.) that are available for use." Could you post some links to some of the ones you've seen, so we know what you're talking about?
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