Help me find interactive weather graphs similar to the one on my favorite Android widget.
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Are there other weather apps or websites that have the same interactive graph interface as my favorite Android weather widget?

My Android shipped with a weather widget and I absolutely love the interface. It shows you a graph of hourly temperature and precipitation. You can drag your finger across the graph to pinpoint the specific time - e.g., what will the temperature and chance of precipitation be at 5:30pm today? Here's an annotated screenshot from someone's blog (rest of the entry with more screenshots, if you're interested).

After getting used to this, the hourly forecast listing on most sites seems so much more difficult to read. I'm wondering if there's a website with a similar visual interface for computer access. Also, recommendations for other Android apps with this interface would be welcome too, because the widget sometimes doesn't connect properly (seems to be a known issue).
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Dark Sky is a new app that gives weather forecasts with a resolution of minutes (and spatial resolution to justify that precision), but I haven't yet played with it, so I can't say whether it does the precise thing you're asking. Still, worth looking into.
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