What are your go-to recipes for kale chips?
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I'm looking for good kale chip recipes for my dehydrator! One requirement- they can't use nutritional yeast due to allergy concerns.
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We've never actually used anything except Kosher salt and (good) olive oil and they taste fantastic.

If you're using a dehydrator rather than an oven, remove as much oil as possible before putting them in. Dehydrating doesn't remove oil, so if your kale is soaked, it wont get all nice and crunchy.
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I don't know the recipe, but our local food coop has started selling chocolate-covered kale chips with chia seeds and coconut. I'm pretty sure the kale chips are dipped in chocolate after drying, and there's clearly some technique to getting the chocolate right- the kale is fully coated, but the chocolate is very thin so that the crispy quality of the kale stays intact.
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I have a recipe that cooks on a low temp in the oven, rather than in a dehydrator. It gives the option of either nutritional yeast or grated Parmesan cheese as an ingredient, along with olive oil, salt and herbs. Don't know how the cheese (I use the cheap kind in the green can for this) would turn out in the dehydrator, but it works well in the oven.
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I like a mix of cumin, salt, and black pepper on mine.
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Oil, vinegar, and a touch of salt.
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