Question about locales in old pictures taken in France
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A friend asked me (because I have been to France a couple times) if I knew the locations in a couple of snapshots taken by his father many years ago (I presume after WWII) while in France serving in the armed forces. I have no idea, having only been to Paris and environs, and thought there was a chance that a French, or French-traveling, MeFites would know. Thanks in advance to anyone who has an idea. Image; Second image.
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The second one is Notre Dame de la Garde in Marseille.
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(Here is a view from the same footbridge.)
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The first one looks like the Fontaine Sainte-Jean in Melun.

More views.
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Saint-Jean, of course.

Here's what seems to be the same angle as the photo.
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Thanks all! I really appreciate the quick responses.
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