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Help me identify these fonts from Wet Hot American Summer and other 80s-themed typefaces.

Looking to create some retro designs and was wondering if you can help me place them. One of them is from this shirt.

The other is from Wet Hot American Summer.

Thanks for your help!
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I can't get to your first link but I'm pretty sure the Wet Hot American Summer font is either Cooper Black or a variation thereof.
posted by bitdamaged at 9:50 PM on April 17, 2012

WHAS is Cooper Black. Your other example is giving me a GMail error; maybe post another link?
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Mod note: fixed first link
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Here are a bunch of line fonts, like your 1984 one (but no exact match):

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The 1984 shirt seems to be a unified design rather than characters from a complete font. Notice how each digit obscures part of the digit to its right (the 1 seems to be "on top" of the 9, etc.).
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Agree with John, the 1984 is lettering, not type.
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I'll also point out that the "1984" lettering is more way 70s than 80s.
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