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Help me find a giraffe documentary I saw a few years back.

Back story: Someone mentioned to me today, that when a giraffe lowers their head to the ground, they are opening the lines of communication. Now, they didn't mean this literally, but all I've been able to think of since is a documentary (I think) I saw a few years back. Details are sketchy, but I remember that it involved several giraffes that were being cared for at a zoo (I think). The scene that stands out in my mind is near the end when one of the giraffes that has been cared for suddenly and slowly droops its head and neck. You can see and hear the devastation in the veterinarian's actions and voice, she knows the giraffe is dying. I remember how moving the entire documentary was and would love to watch it again, but can't seem to remember where or when I saw it.

Googling has garnered me a great deal of information regarding recent giraffe deaths (did you know one recently died in Indonesia with 20kg of plastic in its belly?!), but I can't seem to find the documentary that I remember. Please help.
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Is it Tall Blondes?
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I don't think so, but I ordered it to take a look and see. Thank you.
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