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I need a personalised travel app, or maybe it's just a personalised map app?

I am going to NYC again soon, and have been collecting stuff I want to do, see etc. I have places saved as bookmarks in my iPhone, but I can't throw out all my bookmarks at once into my map and see what's near, which is basically what I would like to be able to do.

Ideally there is a map-app that lets me add the places, events, etc I want, and then just shows them all on my map, perhaps greyed out if they aren't open at the time I am looking. So in other words, I am wandering around, I am getting kinda peckish, open my app and see that I am not too far from that taquerita somone on metafilter kept talking about, and hey, it looks open! Nifty if it works without data-package I guess too.

Is there "an app for that"?
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I can heartily recommend oMaps for this. It lets you save multiple zoom levels of OpenStreetMap tiles for a city, and add placemarks over the map. It'll work when you're on the subway so you can browse your map anywhere, but when you're in GPS reception, you'll be able to see where you are in relation to your placemarks. Best of all, it doesn't use any data after the initial download on wifi (critical if you're coming from outside the US).

I've successfully used it to plan trips in Hamburg, Paris, Washington DC, LA and Denver. Highly recommended.
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I've successfully used custom maps built with Google Maps during my visit to New York. This, however, does require data connection on your phone.

Custom maps are a feature of Google Maps that lets you create and share personalized, annotated maps of your world.
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OffMaps is another app like oMaps that downloads maps and lets you place bookmarks. Works great, can't really tell you what difference (if any) there is from oMaps.

Get a subway map app in NYC too; remarkably useful. I used NYC Subway KICKMap Lite (free), there's a bunch of others.
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