Calendar apps that show the continuous flow of weeks
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I'm looking for personal productivity apps in which the calendar view can be presented in a continuous flow of weeks (such as ) in alternative to the more tradicional day/week/month model.
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What's wrong with that one?
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You're not giving us much to go on. What system? What features do you want?

The new Basecamp calendar is really nice, and Basecamp definitely counts as a personal productivity app. You might find it pricey but it depends on how much you value your time, what you have to do and the value of what you accomplish.
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@jeffmilner, that one is just a proof of concept, nothing that can be used as part of a serious productivity system.

@michaelh, I'm looking for a simple todo app with a calendar, in which the calendar must have a view of continuous weeks. I haven't tried basecamp, but from the screenshots the calendar looks what I am looking for... but a bit expensive...

Any cheaper alternatives?
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Try Google Calendar defaulting to the "four weeks" custom view and Google Tasks. It's paginated, but it uses the scroll wheel and it's month-agnostic. Click a date to add a task. Also, the agenda view is a nice way to see your upcoming tasks regardless of how spaced out they are.
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@michaelh, I was not aware of the custom view options on Google calendar, thanks!
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Another alternative is Mozilla Thunderbird's Lightning extension, which has a "Multiweek" view in the calendar.
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