Finding WW2 veterans who were stationed in Rome?
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Historyfilter: how would I go about identifying and actually contacting G.I.s stationed in Rome post-WW2? I'm hoping there may be an uncomplicated way to reach the octuagenarians who spent some significant amount of time in the city right after the war.

I've sent a contact email outlining my hopes to the American G.I. Forum, but perhaps that's entirely the wrong place to try?

The reason behind my quest? There's a pressing (for me) anecdote that can only gain historical significance if I'm lucky enough to find someone who actually lived (or at least directly heard about) it.

(Alternatively/in addition: suggestions of accounts of Rome right after the war as told by American servicemen are also welcome.)
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Given the sea of material out there, you might have better luck if you post the anecdote here first.
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Start at your local VFW?
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The anecdote... is about the carbonara.
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Find out which units were in Rome during the time that concerns you, and then contact their veteran's association.

My copy of Atkinson's second book is at home, but I bet a short time reading Wikipedia or Hyperwar would help figure out which units to contact.

Alternatively, search the web for oral histories containing the word "Rome" and then either contact those individuals, or use details of their service to identify the relevant units and proceed as above.

If you get totally stuck, MeMail me and I will ask your question on a good WWII mailing list I am on.
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