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I'm doing some research on Adblocking software for web browsing. I'm interested in webpages with a lot of ads, or various types of ads on one page to run tests against. Do you have links to any particularily annoying pages?
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The answer you're hoping some third party will suggest to you, so that you may follow it without it being your idea, is free-content porn sites. :-)
Also google for "serialz" and other extremely dodgy sites. Generally, the dodgier they are, the more intense the ads get.

/Or at least that was the case many many years ago which was the last time I looked...
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Any torrent search engine will also have lots of the most garish and annoying ads in many forms. er, so I've been told.
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A search for "test your pop-up blocker" brings up a variety of sites.
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Sorry, I didn't read the question very well. Nevermind!
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Rather, The Jerusalem Post. Sorry.
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PC Magazine is particularly bad. I don't actually read it myself, but I remember someone (?) doing a screen grab showing the content-to-ad screen realestate ratio and it was insane. The article I linked to shows that things haven't changed much in that regard.
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I don't have a link for you. The reason may interest your study: I have blocked advertisements that most annoy me. Those sites with innocuous advertisements, I haven't blocked the advertisements: I don't notice them to distraction, so I haven't been bothered to do it. There are even sites I've stopped visiting, simply because of their intrusive advertising, with no other reason to stop.
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If you don't search with the site it's not illegal!

astalavista (dot) box (dot) sk

Now, lets say you wanted "security" "info" on microsoft windows SP1, well, there you go. You'll also get a good spyware workout and probably a few dozen viruses if you don't use your brain. (yes, harlequins' advice would get you there too, but the places on the box network are probably the worst of all)

Another site that has some incredibly annoying ads would be torrentreactor.com
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