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Help me remember a pair of sci-fi/drama movies a friend recommended several years ago that I've now forgotten the titles of.

Okay, the first one. The premise, as I remember it: a small group of people are having a party and one of them (a college professor?) reveals that he's an alien (or otherwise generally otherworldly) and relates bits and pieces of his double lives over the course of the film. Despite the sci-fi elements, I'm pretty sure it was a straight drama.

Next: a man (college professor? maybe I'm adding this part) lives out parallel lives, making different choices at critical points in his life, forming different relationships, etc. It's not Mr. Nobody (one of my favorite films!), although it seemed similar. It may be this, but I'm not completely sure.

At the time, both of these films sounded like exactly the kind of thing I tend to adore, but I've completely blanked out on their titles now. Please help me remember! Or--just as good!--recommend other movies in a similar vein.
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Best answer: I think the first movie you're thinking of is The Man From Earth. Not sure of the second.
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Could the second one be The Butterfly Effect?
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The first one is The Man from Earth (though he's not an lien, he's an immortal). I feel stunned that the second isn't Mr. Nobody; I really feel like it must be.
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Response by poster: Yes! The first is definitely The Man From Earth. Thank you, MetaFilter! I'm fairly sure the second is Possible Worlds, but I was hoping maybe someone who's seen the film would chime in.
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