Where should my friends and I party in Elysian Park, Los Angeles.
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Where should I go in Elysian Park, Los Angeles to celebrate my birthday?

I'm turning 30 this week and thought it would be fun to just ring it in on Saturday with a little party in Elysian Park, near downtown Los Angeles. (Note I am referring to the city park itself, not looking for establishments in the surrounding neighborhood.)

What's the best spot in that park to do the following?

* Hang out with up to 20 people.

* Possibly drink disguised alcohol.

* Possibly play some sort of game like kickball or dodgeball or something.

* Possibly cook food, though not as much of a requirement, we could just bring pizza.

* Maybe not a ton of other people, though obviously April in Los Angeles is going to bring folks to the park, I get that.

* Open from 2 o'clock onward.

Basically I'm looking for flat grassy or dirt area where a bunch of people fit, with tables.

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My friend usually has his birthday party/bbq somewhere around the intersection of Academy and Stadium Way. The best one was on the east side of Stadium Way, about 200 ft southerly from Academy. Tables, BBQ, shade trees. There's room across Academy to play games. You gotta make sure you start early though, maybe even before noonish. Elysian Park can get pretty crowded.

The only other area to really do this kind of thing is northish a ways on Stadium Way after the jog with Academy. Out past the Arboretum are some relatively well-shielded fields. Not sure what amenities are available out that way though.

That whole park is known to authorities and patrolled, you should know. The police academy is just over the hill.
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Take the Broadway entrance right off the east side of Chinatown, right next to the river. Drive all the way down to the end. There is a big grassy area with picnic tables. I believe there are a cluster of tables on the right.
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The area around #4 and #6 on this charmingly hand drawn park map is what probably what Carson is talking about. It is quite popular on weekends.
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Also: check for Dodger home games. If nothing else, the traffic might affect your party plans.
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Last comment, I swear. I used to live nearby and going running in the park past that area a lot. People show up before noon to hold down tables on the weekend. It's definitely a party sort of atmosphere. The further you are from the parking areas, the easier it is to find space. I'd bring blankets and some of those cheap plastic table clothes to use as a moisture barrier in case the ground is damp.
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Elysian park is great. I recommend this spot, it seems to be just what you're looking for. There are picnic tables close by, and the view looks like this.
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Response by poster: mullingitover, could you repost the spot on the map? The link you gave just showed the whole park.

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