Seeking Brooklyn Mechanic
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Looking for a Brooklyn car mechanic recommendation for my 1999 Subaru. Check engine light just came on and it's overdue for a tune-up. Much thanks.
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When I needed emergency work on my car a couple years ago, I found Nok Auto Repairs just by looking at who nearby had great Yelp reviews. The owner was a gem. He talked me through everything, test drove the car with me after the repair to make sure I was satisfied (I was) and was overall thorough, pleasant, and quick.
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Mitchell's Auto Mechanic! Heard about him on Car Talk. So great. Also, he adopts stray cats, so you can hang out with kitties while you're waiting.
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Lorenzutti Motors
330 Douglass St
(between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
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