Small craft fasteners?
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I need some kind of fastener for a small craft project, but I don't know what it's called...

I will be attaching pieces made from heavy paper (or thin wood) to each other, and I need some kind of minimal metal piece of hardware that will allow them to rotate.

I'm imagining a tiny version of a metal brad fastener, only with something more finished looking on the back instead of prongs. Maybe a cross between a rivet and a brad fastener? What terms should I be searching for?
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Would a snap work?
posted by tamitang at 7:02 AM on April 7, 2012

What about something like a hitch pin and r-clip?
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binding post?
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This style of brass rivet?
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A variation on the binding post idea; Chicago screws.
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Maybe something like a grommet?
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Or on a similar vein eyelets.
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Depends on how thick the wood is but maybe bolts and t-nuts.
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Machine screws, nuts, and washers come in surprisingly small variants. Check out a hardware store. You can get two nuts and snug them up against each other on the shaft of the screw to keep your wood/paper on without binding it.
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I think binding posts are what I need! Will hit the hardware store. (Tried grommets/eyelets but they didn't allow the pieces to rotate.)
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The binding posts won't do much for paper, but maybe something like this? They might be a little flimsy, but would work great for mock-up until you can see exactly what you need.
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I actually have a mockup with teeny brad fasteners already! It looks like the smallest size of binding posts is 1/8", so I'm thinking I'll make the pieces out of 1/16" basswood to get a good fit.
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You can also find binder screws at office supply stores.
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Check out Chicago Bolts, also called Sex Bolts sometimes.

They have a very clean look and the threads are on the inside so your material has a smooth surface to slide against.
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