Brooklyn afternoon bar crawl – can it be done?
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Planning an afternoon bar crawl around Park Slope / Cobble Hill / Carroll Gardens areas, but I'm having trouble coming up with bars that would be open on a Friday afternoon (after, say, 2p). Any recommendations? Closer together is great, outside patio/drinking a big plus!

So far I've come up with Abilene and Lowlands. Other bars I like around there are Boat, Pacific Standard, etc. Second tier would be food places that have a full bar, but not really into that.
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If you don't mind a tiki bar, Zombie Hut opens at 2 on Fridays and they have a great backyard patio.
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Pretty sure that Bar Great Harry opens at 2 pm. Such a great beer list.
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High Dive opens at three- and it's got a back patio. Commonweath has a wonderful patio and they open at three.
Also- Mike and Leah (owners of Abilene and Lowlands) are opening another bar on Fifth Ave pretty soon- where Timbo's used to be. I can't remember quite when they are opening it- but depending on how far out you are planning.
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Funny, I just did this same thing through the same neighborhoods, albeit a slightly longer crawl through a slightly larger area. Our route consisted of the following:

- Eamonn's on Montague Street (terrible bar, but surprisingly cheap in the afternoon).
Walk through Brooklyn Heights, admire beauty.
- Montero on Atlantic Avenue
- Last Exit on Atlantic Avenue
Detour through Carroll Gardens to admire scenery
- Boat Bar on Smith
- Bar Great Harry on Smith
- Canal Bar on 3rd Avenue
- Union Hall on Union Street (which actually sucks, but we were pretty loaded at that point and afraid of new things)
Brief, unsuccessful sober-up walk through Park Slope
- Soda Bar on Vanderbilt Avenue (great backyard space!)
- Hot Bird on Atlantic Avenue
- A final bar in Fort Green that I cannot for the life of me remember
- Finished the night by doing shots at the bar of the Applebee's on Flatbush Avenue

It was fucking epic. Never again.
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Ha, I used to do bar crawls in that neighborhood all the time. Funny thing, everyone would say, "I don't remember what we did after Zombie Hut." Because no one ever remembers what you do after Zombie Hut.

I'd start at Bar Great Harry too. They have good specials and open up all their doors, so it's outsidey.
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Canal Bar has a backyard and a great jukebox. And popcorn.

Halyards is open at noon on Fridays, though I don't think they have an outdoor space. They also serve dub pies.

Mission Dolores has a nice outdoor-like space.
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bar great harry has a tremendous beer selection ... however, in the last few months, i've become a semi-regular at the roebling inn on atlantic ... no outside seating, but above average all around, and almost never too crowded.
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- Montero on Atlantic Avenue

Montero is one of my favorite bars in the city. It's kind of a nautical themed dive. It definately does not have an outdoor patio or drinking area but is absolutely sublime. Great bar.
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The Gate in Park Slope opens at 3, and has a great outdoor area. I'd second Canal Bar and Mission Delores for the Gowanus, maybe 4th Avenue Pub if it's open. Bar Great Harry, Abeline, 61 Local, are good spots in Cobble Hill/Boreum Hill/Carroll Gardens. Also, Hank's Saloon on the corner of 3rd and Atlantic is a good place to idle away.
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