Somewhere to put the Parents and Guests
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I am looking for recommendations for a guest bed that can be folded or rolled up easily for storage. I am not looking for a day bed or trundle bed (no room) or an airbed (we've tried this twice already, the cats destroy them within hours).

We're replacing the living room furniture with a new set. The previous set included a futon sofa that folded out nicely to sleep up to two people. The new sofa is neither a futon or a sleeper, so I need a new alternative -- something compact that can be stored either in a closet or the basement, and which isn't so heavy I can't handle it.

I have already looked at the similar request from March, but there is no space to put a permanent piece of furniture like a Day Bed. And as mentioned above, I've already blown over $200 on airbeds, the cats love them to death.

I'm guessing I'm going to end up with something like this, but if possible I'd like to find something as comfortable as possible, and as wide as possible, and a lot of what I'm seeing is twin only. Occasionally the guests in question are my parents, so I want something cushier and wider.

Are there any bed types I've missed, or sellers with better options than the Amazon model above?
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Best answer: We have foldable mattresses like the one pictured. They're pretty much singles but you can put them side by side to accomodate couples. Easy to store away.
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Cots like this are surprisingly comfortable, and you'll see a companion "cot pad" which can be places on top, or you can use a memory foam pad. The new folding beds are a million times better than the ones you remember from bad hotels.
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What about a murhpy bed?
You get a big book-case and a bed all in one.
I love them. I hate the bars in a fold out bed.
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Response by poster: The Muji looks ideal. I have ordered two. Thank you!
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