Sports bras for larger-breasted women?
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Sports bras for the busty: any suggestions for keeping larger breasts in place while running? Regular, buy-at-the-department-store sports bras don't seem to be supportive enough for size D. I've seen Enell suggested - any experiences with that brand? Any others I should check out?
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my partner uses lycra tops (she has one by nike, for example) over her bra. they're vaguely bra shaped, but made of very strong/rubbery lycra, and seem to keep everything squashed into one place. :o)
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I have been very happy with bras from Title 9 Sports. In fact, that's the only place where I will buy bras now. They are a bit pricey, but worth it.
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Bravissimo are an absolute godsend for the well-endowed lady. Sports bras up to a JJ, I think, and international shipping.
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Whoops. Bravissimo, sorry.
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(also, I'm an E cup, and have found Marks & Spencer's sports bras work fine for me, and are a bit cheaper, if you're in the UK)
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I have been very happy with bras from Title 9 Sports. In fact, that's the only place where I will buy bras now. They are a bit pricey, but worth it.

Seconding Title 9. I had great success with their "Frog Bra," $27 or $29, I think.

Also, at real sporting goods or running shops (i.e. not the Athlete's Foot) you can still find the original Champion Jogbras. They look like underwear and thus are currently unfashionable, but I think they're great in terms of function. They are sold in boxes which makes them hard to find if you're looking at all the other sports bras on hangers.
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Oh, and the Jogbras are cheaper, about $20 usually.
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I've never tried Enell. I'm a D and use Champion's XL Double Dry Soft Cup Bra when I run. It's comfortable, has adjustable shoulder straps and very supportive with hardly any bounce. It's also shaped like a bra so it's easier to get on and off - I hook the eyelets while wearing it backwards and then shift the bra around to get my arms through it. I like the traditional bra style much better than a t-back/pullover sports bra as I find them difficult to get over my head and adjusted. They're also a bitch to take off when I'm all sweaty after my run.

The only issue I had with the Champion after I bought it was the chaffing from the front left strap seam. This went away after I put a thin strip of Kleenex underneath which I stopped wearing after a couple of weeks when my skin toughened up.

I bought mine at the Running Room. There's also a similar question in their forums. Buying a good running bra is almost as important as buying a good pair of running shoes, IMO.
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Another vote for Title 9. I'm a DD, used to wear two regular sports bras + lycra top, and was still unhappy; I went in to the Title 9 store and tried on all the heaviest-duty ones and ended up with this one, the 3 Reasons support bra. It is $40 but that was one of the happiest days of my life. Seriously.
If you can get to one of their stores at all (Berkeley, Palo Alto, Boulder, Denver, Seattle, Bellevue [WA], Portland), I recommend that, but I think they're pretty good about returns on catalog items.

I am interested in Bravissima but they seem kind of spendy.
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A third vote for Title 9 Sports and the Frog Bra. It's not a "lift and separate" kind of sports bra, and if the compressed look bugs you, you might want to try one of their other models (they have many.) But if you want to run with little to no bounce, it's great.

On preview: make that the fourth vote for Title 9. I was a customer before they opened retail stores, and can vouch that the catalog service is great.
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I have the Frog Bra too. Heed what Title 9 says about it being a major mashing bra, though - it definitly is that.
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(And I should have said I really like it anway.)
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Account of unhappy encounter with Enell sports bra .
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This is off topic, but for my job (honest) I was asked to research some protective equipment for special-ed teachers who had to deal with some particularly aggressive students. This apparently is for real. Never seen such a thing.
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I've got both the enell bra and the frog bra, and I prefer the frog bra. You can't adjust the enell bra at all, so if the fit isn't just right, it doesn't really work all that well. Plus it's really, really hot.

The frog bra doesn't completely eliminate bounce for me, so I wear a snug fitting lycra sport shirt as well. The combination works beautifully.

You didn't say what size you are. If you are plus sized, like me, you may not find the size you need at Title 9. (I got my stuff from them when they were still carrying plus sizes.) Junonia carries sports bras for plus size women, and they have great customer service too. They are really good at doing a "fit-by-phone".
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My favorite is the Moving Comfort Maia bra, which is available through catalogs like Title 9 or Athleta. I'm 36D and it's worked great for me as a runner. I did have to tweak the size a bit (send it back once to get a better fit) but I'm very happy with the choice.
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The Enell is the Last Resort Bra listed at Title 9. I have an Enell and love it, although as previously stated it is difficult to adjust it if the fit isn't right. The link of the customer with an unhappy encounter is a little ridiculous though as she a) clearly has an ill fitting bra and b) could have merely unhooked the bottom hook and eyes to loosen it around her chest instead of walking with a thumb in her bra. It is the only bra that I can do jumping jacks in with no movement or bounce and I can go running in it with no problems. If you are going to get it, I would go by this sizing chart and base it off of their measurements, not your current bra size.

I initially balked at the price for the Enell but have found myself singing its praises since then. It's about the cost of 2 regular sports bras, which is what a lot of my larger chested friends wear as support, so I find it well worth the price.
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I will second Bravissimo. I LOVE their stuff and it's worth the $$$.
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I have been happy with a Jogbra you can find pretty much anywhere. It's specifically made for women with larger busts. It's sort of like this and this, but not exactly.

The trick is to find a sportsbra with:
1. Absolutely NO stretch in the straps.
2. A very sturdy/thick/hard to stretch elastic around the bottom.
3. A non-stretchy liner.
4. Barely stretchy overlay.
5. Actual closure hooks or velcro, none of that pull-it-over-your-head nonsense.
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I absolutely love my Lily of France Action Sport Bra. It's made of cotton and is quite comfortable. Although, the 3 Reasons Support Bra on the Title 9 site looks like a good candidate as well. The Frog bra scares me. I don't care for sports bras that don't separate, my girls need their own spaces. Also, the Lily of France bra can be purchased at Kohls, which has nearly all lingerie 30 - 40% off all of the time. And it's also available in 40 & 42 band sizes.
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I run 18-21 miles a week and have found that wearing two regular old sports bras (the bottom one a bit tighter than the top one) works really well for my 34/36Ds. I haven't had as much luck with the fancier ones, but I didn't try that many before layering.
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Just an update: finally got around to trying out the Title 9 sports bras. I went with the 3 Reasons and Frog Bra, and both will work very well. I found the 3 Reasons to be a little more comfortable than the Frog Bra.

There was also mention of Moving Comfort, a company that has several very comfy-looking sports bras for all types (the 3 Reasons is actually their Fiona bra).

Thought I'd just add that in case anyone looks this thread up later. :-)
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