Jane Got to Spain
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I'm trying to find an article or possible radio story about Perry Farrell explaining the song Jane Says and the real Jane he based it on.

I remember reading/hearing it in the last 8-10 months but all I can find is links to lyric websites. I did find an NPR interview about Jane's Addiction going on tour again with Lollapalooza but I don't think that was it. I want to say it was in a higher-brow publication like the Washington Post or something like that, but I can't find anything there either. Any leads would be appreciated.
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Her name is Jane Bainter.
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Jane Says was about the same Jane the band was named after: Jane Bainter, Perry's ex-housemate.

It was 2001, but there was an article in WaPo about the song with quotes from Farrell. More info is here.
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Here's an excerpt from Blender magazine in 2006 via Songfacts:

Farrell (Blender magazine, December 2006): "Around 1984, I rented a big house on Wilton, near Hancock Park, right in the heart of everything good in Hollywood, but the whole neighborhood seemed deteriorated. I deceived the landlord into thinking I was a gay interior decorator rather than a Punk rocker, and one of my housemates was Jane, this strangely beautiful, well-to-do girl who got caught up in the drug scene and fell in love with a dealer named Sergio. Jane was an intellectual and knew how to act aristocratic, even with a needle and a spoon on the table. I'm not sure if the song mythologized the neighborhood - St. Andrew's Place is nothing special to look at - but I do think it glamorized her life in a way. That was a great time, though. When the landlord found out I wasn't a gay interior decorator, he came after me with a gun."
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She was interviewed on PRX's Snap Judgement a while ago.
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Response by poster: I remember the story of Jane Bainter but am looking for this specific article/interview. I want to say it ended with something like "And yes, Jane did eventually get to Spain."
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^ The linked article includes the line "Oh, and I did get to Spain, by the way."
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