Movies with a high WTF-to-running-time ratio?
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Movies with a high WTF-to-running-time ratio?

I had a showing of Japenese psychadelic horror classic, House last year and my audience ate it up. I'm hoping to repeat the experience this year.

So, I'm searching for a movie that consistently churns out the "WTF"?

  • Language does not matter, as long as non-English has subtitles.
  • Genre does not matter, but sci-fi/fantasy/horror is best.
  • Somewhat obscure is best. The general audience is ages 18-25 at an anime con-like setting and I'd prefer this be something they likely have not seen.
  • Exposition is fine, but once the movie ramps up, I'd like the WTF to be pretty constant. (For example, House is a bit slow the first 15 min or so, then it never really slows down with the crazy.)
  • I am looking for "WTF am I watching, lolol" not "WTF, I am going to have nightmares". So, nothing like Eraserhead or Tokyo Gore Police.
  • I'd like to keep things under an R rating.
  • Movie must be entertaining on its own and NOT require MST3K-like bolstering to keep it amusing.
  • Should be available on blue-ray/DVD via Amazon or another quick shipping source.
  • Running time is ideally 80min - 2 hrs, but not very important.
I'll be screening movies before I show them, FYI, so don't worry if your recollection of a reccomendation is imperfect.
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I've always been particularly fond of Electric Dragon 80.000 V.
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Running on Karma. Hong Kong flick directed by Johnnie To starring Andy Lau in a super-muscle suit as a buddhist monk who's actually a cop? Or maybe a cop who's secretly a monk? Forced into exile by his ability to see peoples' past lives. Movie includes inexplicable multiple timelines and a yoga assassin who folds himself into a small box.
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Sorry, can't get it to link.

Definitely a WTF for me.
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Machine Girl. Anything Jodorowsky.
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Zazie dans le Metro. French with subtitles. Surreal, nonsensical comedy from 1960. Recently released by Criterion Collection.
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Your crowd may already be hip to this one, but Fantastic Planet?
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Tetsuo: The Iron Man.

(Note: In reading the Wikipedia plot description, it sounds a lot more gory than I remember it being, but it's been years since I've seen it and I may have mentally blocked a scene or two (or maybe I saw an edited version). You may want to screen it yourself for gore content.)
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Or maybe Shaolin Soccer (though same caveat that your crowd may already know this one).

it sounds a lot more gory than I remember it being

I'm remembering Tetsuo being pretty gory, but it's been a while for me too.
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Have you seen Versus?
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Never mind, please ignore my suggestion of Tetsuo: The Iron Man. In reading more reviews of it, I absolutely must have seen an edited version. Huh.
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The Cat Who Walked By Herself
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(oops, sorry, I didn't see the part about available in a physical media)
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Wild Zero - a genderbending rock 'n' roll zombie alien movie, starring Japan's answer to the Ramones.

Or Calamari Wrestler, starring a squid who is also a wrestler. The same director also did "Executive Koala" and "Crab Goalkeeper", but Calamari Wrestler is the best.
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Crank, and its possibly even more lunatic sequel, Crank: High Voltage, are both films that are pretty much wall-to-wall "WTF am I watching lolol." Pretty solidly "R" movies, though.
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The Fall (2006) does this pretty well, in a good way. It's visually amazing.
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The Matador

My Sassy Girl
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Splice was surprisingly fucked up. Might not exactly be what you're looking for but it was pretty good. I could never have predicted any of what happened.
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I was actually going to suggest Tetsuo until the gore warning. It isn't that it's just gory per se -- although it's plenty gory -- it's that it's when it isn't gory, it's just absolutely nightmarish.
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(Basically, if you're not interested in Eraserhead, you're definitely not interested in Tetsuo.)
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Vampyros Lesbos
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How about Delicatessen?
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Response by poster: Note: This is probably going to be an annual event, so actually, it's ok if some movies take a little longer to ship physical media; I can just use the movie for future years.
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I don't know what the rating is on El Topo, but it's definitely WTF worthy. Lots of nudity, IIRC.
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Kentucky Fried Movie, but language is an issue.
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Big Man Japan is moderately weird (in a "Because Japan." way) for most of the film and then goes completely off the rails at the end.
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Along the lines of Big Man Japan ("WHY?!?" Because Japan.") is Survive Style 5 (please note: both movies are also a lot of fun).
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Also: The Happiness of the Katakuris, which IMDB says is rated R but their content advisory indicates "There are some comical violent images and images of zombies. This is not a gory film." It's fairly similar to Hausu in tone, but with more singing and claymation.
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Maybe Alluda Mazaaka, though since it's an Indian movie it's much longer than your ideal running time.
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Oh, and I don't know if anime is in the running but Dead Leaves is something else entirely. If you, like me, don't like anime, it's surprisingly (albeit not entirely) free of the obnoxious tropes of the medium. It's a lot closer to a goofy version of Aeon Flux than to any "wacky"-style anime.
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I can't think of Kentucky Fried Movie without thinking of The Groove Tube. Chevy Chase before Saturday Night Live and, as the first Amazon reviewer put it, "Gross, outdated, crude, disgusting, a little drawn out in spots, and one of the funniest films ever!"
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The Lair of the White Worm
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Daisies (1966)
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Seconding Big Man Japan. Also, Death Kappa and Executive Koala.
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Also, Bunuel's The Exterminating Angel
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I too came here to say Big Man Japan.
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Funky Forest.
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Oh, maybe a better suggestion than I had before: Tarkan vs. the Vikings.
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Santa Sangre
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Seconding El Topo.

The Family Game is a normal movie in Japan, which means it makes no sense here. It's one of my favourites.
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Turkish Star Wars.
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You might find Richard Kelly's non-Donnie Darko oeuvre suitable. Southland Tales is what came to mind for me, but unfortunately it's 145 minutes long and somewhat slow-paced. The Box might work, too, judging from the linked essay — but I haven't seen that one myself.
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Tampopo is one of my favorite films, though it does have some nudity in once scene.
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Almost all the Korean movies I've seen fit this description. Old Boy, Our Lady of Vengeance, Time. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, Dumplings (about anti-aging dumplings made out of fetuses-not sure real name) and so on.
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Richard Elfman's Forbidden Zone is the movie you want.
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I <3 Big Man Japan.
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Streets of Fire
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Sweet Movie (1974)
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The Box might work, too, judging from the linked essay — but I haven't seen that one myself.

It does have some WTF moments, but it's super-duper boring in between them.
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Nthing Funky Forest. Youtube for some examples.
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Boxer's Omen is full of WTF for me, even after seeing it several times.
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Jan Svankmajer's Little Otik (Otesanek) is an odd and amusing movie apparently based on a Czech folk tale about a childless couple who end up creating a baby from a log, who ends up with a voracious appetite. Surreal comic gore.
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Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb

The Forest in Winter

Seconding Executive Koala, Survive Style 5+, Versus, and Funky Forest.
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Speaking of Svankmajer, his Alice might fit the bill, although it's a little nightmare-ish, for reasons other than gore. It's streaming on Netflix, I think.

I liked Motorama. Such great cameos. Flea is awesome in it. Very WTF.

Attack the Gas Station is an interesting Korean flick. Not as good as, say, Oldboy, but that's not a wtf-lol movie as much as a straight up wtf movie.

Buckaroo Banzai might work, but it's an older movie and relatively well-known, but it's appeal today might be just due to its cultishness.
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If you like Jodorowsky movies, you might like Fernando Arrabal's older movies like The Guernica Tree, I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse, and Viva La Muerte might do.

A couple of older Ken Russell movies, The Devils, a historical drama/almost horror picture, and Lisztomania, a whacked musical (like Tommy, only moreso), are typically 70s era Ken Russell wtf movies. Unfortunately, they are not consistently available except by unconventional means. But if you can score copies, they will do.
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I saw Endhiran (The Robot) at a sci-fi film festival earlier this year, and it's pretty nonstop WTF. And not just normal Bollywood wackiness, either. It's loooong, though--155 minutes, and there's even an intermission.
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Os Trapalhões Na Guerra Dos Planetas — Brazilian Star Wars!
Anything by Coffin Joe, but especially At Midnight I'll Take Your Soul
Joaquim Pedro de AndradeMacunaíma
Anything by Ivan Cardoso
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3rding Jodorowski, especially Holy Mountain — it features crucified dogs and the history of America reenacted by toads and lizards!
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So hard to get, but The Reflecting Skin by Philip Ridley had me saying WTF quite often.

As did the Japanese "Re-cyle" and "Strange Circus", although that would have too much weird sex in it, I believe.
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Cabin Boy. Surreal.
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Gymkata. Wonderfully dreadful.
Some serious WTF, including a villiage of the criminally insane ( "the village of the crazies"), plenty of mullet action, oh and did i mention it is all about a gymnast spy. The 3.8 rating on imdb does this masterpiece little justice.
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Dark Star? (May not be obscure enough for your target audience).
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El Milagro de P. Tinto
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Guy Maddin, The Saddest Music in the World. Isabella Rossellini plays a Great Depression beer baroness who hosts a contest to see which country can play the saddest music in the world. After each band is finished playing, they slide into a giant vat of beer. It is filmed in the style of a black and white movie musical from the 1930s, but occasionally features bursts of colour. Truly strange, but enjoyable.

Weird fact: The screenplay was written by Kazuo Ishiguro, who also wrote the novels The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go. It is an extreme understatement to say this movie is nothing like those novels.
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I don't know if it is obscure, or under R but a terrific movie AND WTF is Dogtooth.
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Have you seen Versus?
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Second for Versus. Tag from the movie trailer:

"Escaped prisoners, a hero who never loses, a woman without a memory, four gangsters, three assassins, two executioners, an imortal man who knows everything and everybody fights."

Versus IMDB page

Youtube trailer
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Also another vote for eXistenz and if your group hasn't seen They Live, that's got plenty of WTF and perhaps the greatest (and longest) fist fight in cinema.

(Sorry for the double post, but thought I'd get those in there.)
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Werner Herzog's Stroszek is one of the weirdest, most entertaining films I have seen.
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Oh man. I have been reminded.


I don't know how hard it would be to find but it's fundamentally a cross between a locked room mystery, an overly long pratfall sketch, some sort of mystical revelation, and masked Mexican wrestling.
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Okay so this is probably R and might not be the easiest movie to find, but Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky is single-handedly the most hilariously bizarre movie I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. It's a Chinese action film with an awesomely low special effects budget.

This video clip will explain it better than I ever could: Riki Oh, in a Nutshell
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4 (2005), the first full-length Russian film by then-30-year-old Ilya Khrzhanovskiy. It's off-the-charts peculiar. Reviews from the Village Voice, the Guardian, Slant magazine, and the Onion AV Club should help illustrate exactly how /weird/ it is. It was absolutely the first movie I thought of when I saw this question -- I've seen it just once, and have never forgotten it. Here's the beginning of the film.

I'll second the mention of Guy Maddin films. CAREFUL (1992) has quite a few of those WTF moments, but like most of his pre HEART OF THE WORLD output, it's pretty sluggishly paced and edited. (HEART OF THE WORLD, though clocking in at just 6 minutes, will definitely provoke that "what the heck did I just watch" reaction.) Post HEART, I like COWARDS BEND THE KNEE and MY WINNIPEG a lot, personally.

I also like CELINE AND JULIE GO BOATING, a Jacques Rivette film from 1974. It's 192 minutes, so the WTF per minute ratio is pretty low, probably. Additionally, most of the WTFs are subtle, and have to do with playing with film grammar and story structure and stuff like that, so it may not provoke the visceral LOLs you're looking for.
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The Holy Mountain, and Zardoz are both classics of WTF, but I recall them both being quite long, and they may have already been seen by connoisseurs of the genre.

I am going to recommend Taxidermia.

But then on preview I see you are looking for under R rated.
None of these films qualify there.
Not at all.
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Cypher. Or Uzumaki!

I just saw House for the first time recently myself and loved it. Uzumaki has a touch of similar craziness. Might violate the "WTF nightmares" restriction. But Cypher is wonderfully mind-fucky in its own special way.
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If anime is game then give Mind Game a look.

Saw it a while ago but I do recall it being one long stretch of WTF both in plot and aesthetics.

Disparate timelines/yakuza subplot/time spent eaten by a whale.

Very strange visual style too, its a mashup of different styles for different scenes.
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Plan 9 from Outer Space and Robot Monster are both pretty much all WTF all the time; mainly WTF was that director thinking? which may not be the kind of WTF you're after.
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Eraserhead, and Synecdoche. Both pretty mainstream compared to the rest of this list, but both are headtwisters.
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This may be too widely seen, but it must be said: Troll 2.
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Seconding The American Astronaut. It's a rock 'n roll musical about a lonely space cowboy who tries to bring The Boy Who Actually Saw a Woman's Breast to the Planet Venus, while being pursued by Professor Hess, who is trying to both forgive him and kill him.
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YES. Seconding Enthiran, it is a nonstop carnival of awesome. Plus the soundtrack is kickass.
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Beaten on most of the ones that immediately sprang to mind (Old Boy, Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Delicatessen, Battle Royale).

So I'll suggest Cemetary Man, City of Lost Children (though Delicatessen is probably the better Jeunet pick), 8 Women (French murder musical that looks like a 50s technicolor film), or Office Killer. Also, UHF, which is very different from almost everything else in the thread but is indisputably WTF and is an awesome flick.
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Survive Style 5+
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Visitor Q. R rated, but the most WTF movie I've seen.
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After Hours It's from the '80s, but has plenty of WTF moments.

2nding "4", "Big Man Japan" and "Little Otik"

"The Good, the Bad and the Weird" was strange too.
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Meet the Feebles
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Anything by Peter Greenaway.
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Fourthing Big Man Japan.
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Warning.. Big Man Japan is incredibly boring (in a WTF kind of way) for the first 80% of the movie... but it kinda sets up the completely insane WTF ending.
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Response by poster: Well, a B-movie house just donated a stack of their movies to me, so I'm going to have to go with their selections this year (which still should not disappoint).

However, there are so many great selections here, I can't wait to go through them in the coming months!
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Response by poster: Another update: Of all things, I also showed Theodore Rex. It is actually pretty up there on the WTF IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING scale, and you can easily make a drinking game of how many times there is tail-related mayhem.
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