I'm looking for a (freelance?) wardrobe stylist in Boston that will help me shape my wardrobe & hair.
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I'm looking for a (freelance?) wardrobe stylist in Boston that will help me shape my wardrobe & hair. Where would one find such an index of individuals?

I live a hectic corporate life and would love to touch base with a freelance stylist in Boston that will guide me with my clothing & styling needs.
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Not sure why they need to be freelance or if you're flexible on this, but I had the chance to work with women from Stilista and they were terrific.
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I know you're looking for a directory rather than specific recommendations, but I happen to know a stylist in Boston, Naomi Mirando. I went to high school with her, she's good people and knows her fashion.
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I don't think there is any kind of directory in a formal or professional-association sense, and the coverage in the lifestyle mags seems outdated and/or spotty and/or not up on the web (Boston magazine profiled Stilista, and Bostonist.com profiled Stilista, Ginger Burr, and someone named Rebecca Woodfork, who seems to be at Salon Marc Harris now). Hey, Boston freelance writers! There's an article that needs to be written!

So I would probably ask someone at Louis for a list of the freelance stylists they work with. They will probably try to sell you instead on their personal shoppers, but I imagine if you make yourself clear they will know all the players. You might think of doing the same at Alan Bilzerian.
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