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Help me find an inexpensive suit for a short, round man in Toronto?

One of my relatives needs a dark-coloured suit on short notice.
Doesn't need to be fancy or trendy, and won't be worn many times.
Under $200 would be ideal. He wouldn't like anything second-hand.
He is a senior citizen, about 5'6", 230 pounds.
Where in Toronto could I find an inexpensive suit to fit him?
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Tom's Place in Kensington? I won't link to their horrible, horrible website with the talking video overlay you can't turn off.

Or International Clothiers? They're likely to be pretty shitty, but you can get suits pretty cheap, too. Don't know about the size problem, though.
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Do they have K&G in Toronto?
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I was coming in to recommend Tom's Place. It's the first place to go in Toronto for inexpensive suits and they have a huge inventory. And Tom's will have the kind of service a senior citizen might be accustomed to.

(That said, if he's out in the suburbs, for a cheap suit that won't get worn much he might be fine at the nearest Moore's or Mr. Big and Tall.)
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In my estimation, Sears will likely have cheaper options in a wider range of sizes than Moores, Tom's Place will do best on price & selection. Based on shopping for Mr.Heart in recent years and my (shorter, wider) Mrs. self over decades.

Depending on his mobility, and the level of time you can spend, you might ask him his size and buy something returnable at Sears. But that's 3+ trips for you.
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