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Returning from London or Rome?

I have a conference that I'm going to in Bremen, Germany until April 29. Then I would like to go to Rome and the UK.

Would it be better for me to fly home to Vancouver from Rome or London?

Any tips on which way to go first, or why, or great deals, or train rides that have to be take, or flights that are really cheap across Europe, etc, are what I'm wondering about. I'm probably looking at 3 days in Rome and 3 days in the UK.

At this point I can't see any reason for one or the other, and I want to make sure I'm not making a bad random decision.
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Ryanair? They're not to bad... I was looking at flights last week from gatwick to stockholm the first week of may and they were only £27 return! But Standsted to Rome is a very easy flight... and you can see a lot in a few days- I say go for it.
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The UK just raised departure tax for long-haul flights to, I think, £82. So it's possible that a UK departure might be significantly more expensive. Short-haul flights are considerably less.

You probably have more flight options from London.
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London definitely gives you more outbound options, but it might make sense, depending on whether budget or convenience is your priority, to split the difference and go long-haul to Frankfurt or Amsterdam, both of which are four hours by train from Bremen, with short-hauls to London and Rome and back to your departure airport.
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Looks like you can get LHR-YVR non-stop for a few hundred dollars more.
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