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What's the best non-intrusive MP3 playing software on OSX?

I really just hate iTunes and it's ilk (i.e. all media players ever) for trying to 'manage' my 'library'.

I'm looking for something like Foobar2k, or old, classic Winamp. I like Quod Libet, but it's a bit crashy on OSX. I would consider MPD if there was a good frontend suggested. I'm not looking for VLC, I'm not a huge fan of the interface for file lists.

Thanks for your suggestions!
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Trying out Cog, which looks like what I want.
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Cog is old and doesn't seem to be actively supported. I'd tread carefully if I were you.
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I use songbird and it does the job fine. Looks like itunes but does not secretly reorganize your files for you.
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I'm using Cog, and while it is old and isn't actively supported, I love the freakin' heck out of it.

Sole disadvantage: no built-in album art viewer. You can pop the file information box, which will float there with the album art in it, but it's kinda dumb.
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Just popping in to say: iTunes can be told to never ever touch your library's file system.

There is a single checkbox in the advanced preferences called "Keep iTunes Media Library Organized".

Uncheck it (before you import anything) and nothing will ever happen to any of your files at all.
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I hate itunes.

I like Foobar2000, running on WINE, installed via homebrew, on top of X11.
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