The art film version of Office Space?
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Name that movie: I'm remembering an indie film from a few years ago. It featured men in suits in an office building, very atmospheric, and there was dance.

It may have been foreign, but I don't think so. There was minimal plot. I seem to remember that reviewers thought it was boring but visually interesting. I'm not absolutely certain about the dance but I know there were men in black suits, in an office building, and it was all about the visuals. Hope me?
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It wasn't "Shall We Dance" (2004), was it? It was a Japanese film remade as an American one, in which salarymen, still in business garb, found themselves taking dance lessons from a pretty instructor.
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This is a web series rather than an indie film, but perhaps The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers? Maybe this one or this one (around 8 minute mark)?
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Was it part of The Cremaster Cycle by Matthew Barney? The whole series is about 7 hours long but you may have seen an excerpt.
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