Sanders Theatre
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Who is Sanders Theatre in Cambridge Mass. named for?
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Charles Sanders, Harvard Class of 1802, and college steward 1827-31, bequeathed $40K to Harvard for the construction of "a hall or theatre to be used on Commencement days, Class days, Exhibition days, days of the meetings of the society of Alumni, or any other public occasion connected with the College, whether literary or festive." Presumably it's named after him or his family.
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Benefactor Charles Sanders, class of 1802 -- link (I can't figure out how to get it to link to result 4 of 8 instead of 3 of 8... it's the 4th search result within the book that says this, not directly where this link goes.)
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More info about him, if you're curious.
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If I read the connections right from brainmouse' links, his sister was the grandmother of Charles Sanders Peirce, perhaps one reason why the name is familiar.
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