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How to get back into a productive headspace after business legal issues.

We recently started a business and have been open for 3 week. Yesterday we were presented with some legal concerns. We, the 4 partners, now feel a bit sheepish for treating this cavalierly in the planning stages. You get the idea, it's a bummer we weren't expecting.

I prefer not to go into too many details. We are meeting with a lawyer, probably a second. My question here isn't of that nature. Rather, how do we shed the bad feelings and move on?

Many thanks for your adivce.
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Fail early, fail fast, fail often?

You hit a hiccup. It's not a mistake you'll make again. Plow ahead.
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Accept that you'll be constantly stubbing your toes on a bunch of unexpected business issues, that the act of successfully running a business involves dealing routinely with minutiae you never imagined could exist.

Cultivate a feeling of "Okay, learn from this so we don't repeat this" as the stock emotion when dealing with a facepalm, especially your own. Everything else is un-needed drama.
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Legal issues are a persistent risk, often a quantifiable risk, that for the most part can be managed like any other business risk with competent outside help. You should sweat your business objectives; let the lawyer(s) sweat the legal details you need to get there.

What do you usually do when you need to leave work at work? Do that.
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