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I want to read more NYC-specific blogs. Lay 'em on me.

I have been slowly filling my rss reader with interesting blogs, and I especially want to find more New York-y ones. I currently follow Gothamist, Brokelyn, the Awl, Scouting NYC, and Fucked in Park Slope. I'd like to find more super-niche-y blogs- I love Scouting NYC because it's just a location scout blogging about neat places he checks out for his job. A few decent food blogs and local music blogs would also be welcome. But really I'm looking for anything at all, especially if it has a unique perspective (aka not necessarily just 'ever-so-slightly above-it-all late 20s writers/comedians', although that's also fine!)
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If you're into food, I find the Eater NY edition entertaining.
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Aren't most blogs NYC-specific?

Kidding (mostly). Serious Eats has a NY-specific page. NY magazine's Grub Street, also.
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I like Vanishing New York, which focuses on historical and disappearing businesses and landmarks.
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Vanishing New York has great pictures, even is the text is sometimes overly sentimental.

I used to read East Village Grieve when I lived in their coverage area.

I also like Streetsblog. There's a way to get just the NYC posts on a RSS feed but I forgot how exactly so I just read everything.

The best thing to do is track back to content on the 'big' sites like Gothamist, Curbed, etc. and see if it consistently comes from 2 or 3 niche blogs.
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In addition to your exceedingly fine list (insert winky emoticon here), and Vanishing New York, I'd definitely add Animal, New York Shitty, EV Grieve, and NYC The Blog.

And if you want super-insidery jokes about living in New York, Young Manhattanite.

Also you should join the Nonsense mailing list.
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I have friends in the neighborhood who read the Brooklyn Heights Blog for it's weird small-town newletter feel (current highlights, a tree fell on a car, graffitti on Remson and SJP and Matthew Broderick might be moving into the neighborhood!!).
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The New York Times has City Room, The Wall Street Journal has Metropolis.
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Very useful, if you're in the city for lunchtime.
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Forgotten New York is so great! Vanishing New York just makes me grumpy, but Forgotten has all of the history and less of the snark.

Seconding the Nonsense list and Streetsblog. If you are a fan of transit stories at all, Second Avenue Sagas is a great comprehensive look at MTA news.
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Reddit nyc
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Also DNAinfo
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I'll suggest Overheard in New York and then duck under the table to avoid being pelted with rocks and garbage. In very small doses it's funny. If you're homesick. And bored. And not so bright, really.
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Foodwise, I like Eating in Translation. I can't think of any other NY blog that has as much variety in coverage of ethnic restaurants. He also excels at keeping up with cultural festivals and food events.
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Shop the Garment District -for folks who sew and want to read about garment district stores
NYC Taught Me - mom of three kids about taking kids different places in NYC & growing up in the city
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