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Has anyone come across a Really Big List of [Author-/Poet-/Filmmaker-/Artist-/Musician-] Librarians?

There are plenty of examples like Philip Larkin, Barbara Fister, Anne Spencer and probably many many others, but I'd love to be able to gather as many examples as possible to investigate where librarianship may have influenced their work.

As interested as I am in athelete-librarians, programmer-librarians, and activist-librarians, I'm mostly just interested in the arts-related ones right now.

If no list exists, maybe it's time to start one: perhaps this thread can help that along.
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I'm not aware of such a list, so here goes:

Ernest Greene (Washed Out), musician is a librarian
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Top 10 Books Written by Librarians
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Wikipedia has this list but it's not limited by anything particularly. This list is also pretty good and there are some additional sub-lists in the comments which may also be useful. There's a distinction between people who were once librarians and then went on to go be famous at something else, and people who actually worked as a librarian and at the same time did other things. I have a bunch of librarian friends and associated who are also writers or comics folks. There is a great big overlap.
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Here's a list of children's and YA authors who are/were librarians.
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