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What's the best way to set up a chat forum for a party?

How can I set up a chat forum for a friends party?

I would like to have a forum running which everyone can log in to from iphone/android/etc, generate an avatar and start a conversations with one other person. There's not a problem with people abandoning avatars and starting a new one.

During conversations, I'd like participants to be able to invite the other party to share something / accept a gift. The proposer would already have selected this from a pre-defined list but the receiver wouldnt know what it was until they had accepted. The outcome of this would be recorded; rejection or a record of what was given.

Ideally the 'scores' for each avatar could be shown on the home page or a central display at the party.

That's about it really. I imagine there would be three types of gift;
-a 'wooden spoon' ("XXX gives you a poo wrapped in newspaper"),
-flirtatious ("XXX wants to share ingenious sex with you"),
-or revealing ("XXX wants to share this secret; "/text/". What is yours?")

Is there any software package which could run this out of the box? Or, ideally, is there any online 'forum host/tool' which I could subscribe to and set up something like this?

As you can probably tell; I am a total noob here. I also dont have a huge amount of time to code anything etc. Simplicity rules...
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Sadly I'd have to say Facebook...

I think you would be going to too much trouble setting up an actual forum for a single party... Just post an event on Facebook and everyone can get in on the action.
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I used this (Wikia) to arrange my 80th Birthday Party in France in 2009. It worked well with friends & family coming from all over.
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