I'm making a wedding present for my guitar loving brother, but need your awesome feature ideas!
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My brother is getting married! I want to make him the most amazing wedding present. He's into guitars, I'm into Arduinos. Suggested features from other guitar people for the best effect box possible?

I've been thinking of some sort of looper && effect box that would sit as an intermediary between the guitar and preamp. The main idea would be that he already has big heavy non-mobile sound effect equipment, but using an Arduino I could pretty much make something that did whatever he wanted at one tenth the scale.

The problem is that once I make the thing, Im not going to get to poke and tinker with it like I would with something I had on hand. I need to make something like the final version the first go around, feature wise. Besides looping and filtering effects, what kind of capability do you as an on-the-go guitarist wish you had? Some sort of tuner maybe? or simple drum beats? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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Can you make a multiband compressor w/ really narrow bands + some of the effects from here?
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I have a Behringer iAxe which is a guitar with built in USB out.
I've been looking into pairing it with a Raspberry pi mounted in the body of the guitar running various effects and mixingy type things.

The idea being that it is guitar and computer all in one piece.
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A tough metal case, 6.5mm audio in and out. Seven rotary optical encoder knobs and a tilt pedal attached to another optical encoder. Two rows of four stomp switches, one on either side of the row of rotary encoders and each one with an ultrabright LED next to it.

Four of the stomp switches would turn effects on and off, and the LED would show whether the effect controlled by that switch was in the chain or not. The other four would attach the optical encoders to an effect, allowing arbitrary effect-dependent parameters to be tweaked live; only one of the LEDs in that row would ever be active at any time.

Two SD card slots in the side, one for the operating software and one for effects. It should be possible to switch effects cards at any time without rebooting.

Build two of these so that you could keep on poking and tinkering with the software in consultation with your brother. Deliver version 1.0 with an effects card containing a nice overdrive, a wah pedal, four band parametric EQ and a looper.

Also, put the design online so other people can poke and tinker with it too.
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I love the Line 6 Pod Farm

A million (well 18 guitar and 6 bass) amps and effects of awesomeness. Sounds truly amazing, and great for home recording and practice.
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