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Help me name my wedding officiant business!

So I'm thinking of getting into the wedding officiant business as a side-job and am stumped as to a name. The only thing I came up with that wasn't taken by another website was Big Big Day, which I'm not in love with. Most other officiants seem to have boring names like "Minister John" or "Weddings by Jane." Unless that kind of does-what-it-says-on-the-tin name is required for success, I'd like something more interesting. I live in Texas, so names referencing the great state are fair game. Can you think of a good business name for a wedding officiant?
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Wedding Belle
I do, Houston
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Best Little Weddings in Texas

Texas Two Step Together into Marriage

Lone Stars Align

Don't Mess with Marriage
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Big knots? :)
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Get Hitched?
Trailer Hitches?
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Best answer: The Hitchin' Post
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I came in to suggest Hitchin' Post, but since These Birds of a Feather beat me to it, how about Hearts of Texas?

(Although I prefer Hitchin' Post.)
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The Joiner (The Linker, The Wedder, etc.)


I Thee Wed
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Simply Wed
I Will
Love and Cherish
Tie the Knot
Texas Twosomes
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Best answer: Howdy, Partners!
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Response by poster: And it's an available website! Huzzah! (I like Hitchin' Post, too, but Hitching Post is already a Christmas store in Michigan, so may get confusing.) Another idea, suggested by a friend, was Officianato, but I think that works more as a spoken name than on a business card. Also, possibly too high falutin'. Thanks!
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