In my day we ran when we played tag... and we liked it!
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I saw some Brooklyn high schoolers outside playing a game that could be described as turn-based freeze tag (and poses that came out of tai chi postures). As the initial setup they stood in a ring of around 8-10, frozen in a pose. At certain points one person would make a wild move (mainly using arms, hands extended flat, sometimes pivoting) and attempt to tag the person next to them out of the ring. They would return to frozen after that, but there may have been a countermove made as well. Eventually there were two people and a winner was found. Any idea what they were playing?
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Best answer: Ninja?

Apparently it's getting pretty popular in the city.
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See also this.
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Ninja, yea. I've played this as team games at ultimate frisbee in the last two years (adult, Seattle).
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Response by poster: Terrif! Now I just need more friends.
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We call it Bow To Your Sensei around here, but yup, Ninja is it. Lot of fun!
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