Need a dentist south of Seattle
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Need a good dentist south of Seattle

I just moved to the Renton/Burien area and I need to find a good dentist quick. I moved for a job and I don't know many people, so it's hard to get that good personal experience recommendation that is great to have for a dentist. My question is similar to this post except I was at a dentist just a few months ago and I am a little south of the city.

I cracked a filling out last week and for some reason it continues to be painful anytime I chew. Like many people I look for a combination of gentleness, thoroughness and experience.

Areas that will work include Renton, Tukwila, Seatac, Burien, Newcastle or anything else reasonably close to Renton. If there happens to be a super dentist who can also get me in quickly for a semi-emergency I might be open to driving a little further.
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Kyle Beffa at Beffa Dental is really great. I, too, needed some emergency dental work recently and didn't know who turn to. They got me in quickly, and then impressed the hell out of me once I was there. Just a really great practice, and good people too.
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I just started using 4th & Morris Dentistry in Renton and have been happy with them. The staff has been very friendly and attentive, and definitely on the gentler side.
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I wound up going to Beffa Dental in Burien and seeing Tom Beffa. I've been there twice and so far my experience has been very good.
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I'm so glad you liked them, and thanks for following up here! I was in again this morning for a cleaning and they're so awesome they gave me a referral credit for "this stranger on the internet, on this website you might have heard of. No, I don't know his name... cracked filling I think, probably lives near Renton, has been in twice to see Tom Beffa... It's a really popular website and I can show you the thread if you want to see it..."
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