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Recommend me some audio interviews like NPR's interviews.

I recently stumbled across the NPR archive for interviews and I've really enjoyed what I've heard--mostly by terry gross and they're about 15 to 20 minutes long.

I'd like some more recommendations on great audio interviews preferably those which span a wide range of interviewees (from actors to scientists). By great I mean the interviewer has great skill in asking the right questions that make the interview interesting... Not something like twenty questions.

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That is so broad. What shows were you listening to?
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Let me be the first to suggest Mefi's own YoungAmerican's show Bullseye. Lots of interviews with comedians, actors, writers and the occasional musician. It is not uncommon for the guests to be taken back by how his questions are so unique and insightful. Said another way, he does a lot of research and doesn't ask the same questions that everyone else asks.
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The NPR site I was referring to was:

Most of the interviews were by Terry Gross under 'On Fresh Air from WHYY'
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Not specifically interviews, but listen to RADIOLAB.
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There are many good interviews on CBC Radio. My two favourite interview-heavy shows are The Current (more current events/politics focused) and Q (more arts/culture focused). The regular hosts of each show, Anna Maria Tremonti and Jian Ghomeshi, are good interviewers who do their research and tend to ask thoughtful questions.

You can either listen on demand through the CBC website (The Current; Q) or subscribe to the podcasts and download full episodes.
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Writers and Company, also on CBC, features great long-form (30-50 minutes) interviews with (obvs) writers. Eleanor Wachtel is a fantastic interviewer. They are archived on their site, and it's also available as a podcast.

I think Marc Maron does a great interview, too. His podcast WTF focuses on comedy, and the interviews are 45-90 minutes long, depending.
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I love Robin Young - she's the host of WBUR's Here and Now show. I don't know how she does it but her interviews are so conversational and, yet, she's not afraid to ask the hard questions.
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I've heard good things about The Story.
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I like Bob Edwards Weekend broadcast on my local NPR station. Formerly you could listen to the podcast on the linked site; unfortunately now it looks like you have to subscribe to Sirius XM.
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I wonder if you might like Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 (in the UK).

It's a very long running series (since 1942!) based on a conceit that a famous person is cast away on a desert island with only 8 records, a book and a luxury. They also get the Bible and Complete Works of Shakespeare.

The interview is about their choices and why they've made them. It explores their life and work and goes into a reasonable depth about some complex themes sometimes. For instance, I listened to one recently with Professor Stephen Hawking that explored the death of Black Holes.

The guests range from all over the place but are mostly UK focussed. David Attenborough, Ridley Scott, Whoopi Goldberg, Prof Jim Al Khallili, Prof Brian Cox and Gok Wan all spring to mind as good ones.

It is 45 minutes long usually (the podcast versions are a bit shorter as the music is cut down a bit for rights reasons).

And the best thing is: they're ALL available for free as podcasts in ITunes.

The best thing on British Radio by far: we'll worth the TV licence in my view.
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Seconding Desert Island Discs.
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Alec Baldwin's new show for NPR Here's the Thing sounds like just what you want. I was skeptical at first, but really love it.
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