Warm running jacket?
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Looking for a jacket to run in cold weather

I am looking for recommendations on a jacket that I can run in, in cold weather. Not a running jacket per se as I find those quite thin and I am always cold so it would be good to have something that keeps me warm to motivate me to get out the door.

I do the walk and run method so basically i walk first for 20 min which would not be enough to warm me up in time and i would be freezing.

Here is what i need in the jacket-

Rain/wind repellent
Black color
I run in 30F.

I use to run in Columbia Titanium Softshell which had a skin that is thicker than the ones you see today. They have discontinued that :(. The ones i now see are so thin and frankly they wouldnt do too well in blustery cold and wind. I do understand the concept of layering but still need a top jacket as I wear a wool shirt underneath.

Any recommendations for women's jackets as such would be great along with deals/places to get those.

Thank you all so much!
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I've got the male version of this Nike running jacket. It's kept me warm when cycling and running, but not to the point where I'm sweating buckets.
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I think you need to go to a store (like REI maybe) and try a lot of jackets on and see what seems like a good fit and weight for you. I can tell you that I've run in all sorts of jackets that aren't sold as "running" jackets because, like you, running jackets are too thin for when it gets very cold. Also, a thin soft shell might be fine if you add more layers (I know you said you understand layering but you usually have a base layer like wicking underwear, then a mid-layer like a heavier capilene, then your shell or soft shell.

something like this could be a good midlayer (I'm fond of GoLite and they are made in Colorado, my home state).

Maybe something like this for the soft shell though I think you really need to try stuff on and see what you can imagine running in
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