Help me send food to a sick friend
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Recommendations for meal delivery places for low-fat meals in Anchorage, Alaska?

Meals that are especially good for someone suffering from gallstones would be great. I don't even know how to go about finding places (other than pizza places) that do meal delivery, so general suggestions for meal delivery would also be helpful.

Oh, and this is all long-distance.
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I just last week ate at a terrific little South Asian place on Spenard called Yak and Yeti, which seemed to have at least a lunch delivery operation. Quite good, inexpensive, usual N Indian menu.
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Anchorage is sadly not much of a takeout town. Here's the list from UrbanSpoon-- can't vouch for any of the restaurants in particular, but you could probably find some low-fat options at the Thai places.

Another potential option is the Alaska Dinner Factory, which has an "Alaska Fit" menu. For $30 extra, they'll assemble meals. I bet if you called them, they'd be able to work out a delivery option as well.
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Oh, man, Anchorage is the suck for delivery. Where part of town is the delivery recipient in? If s/he's downtown there's a couple places that do limited-radius delivery there but othere than that this is a hard mission to fill.
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Just asked a friend who works at the hospital (ER nurse can't leave the hospital for "lunch" in a shift where lunch might fall at dinner time)- short of pizza, your options that she knows of for wide-are delivery are the Chinese places on that Urbanspoon list or the Mexican places. In my experience, all Chinese food in Anchorage is low- mediocre at best. Taco/Burrito King are a little better than that, as is Serrano's, but again, healthy and low fat are tricky.

That list is not accurate, by the way, there are a bunch of closed places and places that only do takeout and don't deliver. Thai Town is okay and you could probably find something there. I have heard good things about Larry's Cocoon (Asian fusion) and I just checked and they do indeed deliver.

Yak and Yeti referenced above is good but I'm pretty sure reports of delivery are inaccurate or it's very limited...they're closed now and their website doesnt mention it so I can't confirm either way.
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I guess China Lights does sushi, which would be a good low-fat option? Rewiews on that place areixed at best, though.
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According to Yelp, Yak and Yeti does not have delivery. But I was there at lunch last week and I swear I saw an order going out with an employee in what was obviously the restaurant's van (it was plugged in and parked on the side.

So maybe a call and an offer of a fixed delivery fee might help? It's a tiny little family place. It probably seats 25 people packed.

Y&Y's reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon confirm my opinion that this is pretty fabulous Indian food *considering that it's in Anchorage* (and billed as "Himalayan food," but it's the usual North Indian menu pretty much; the chai is truly awesome too, and I don't even usually like the stuff).

The best meal I've had in Anchorage (my experience is limited but includes both a couple of high end heavy-on-local-seafood places and Dennys) was at Snow City Cafe, a modest brunch spot on 4th that had some of the freshest and most homestyle American breakfast options I've encountered almost anywhere in the US. It certainly would have been right at home in the Bay Area. I doubt they deliver, but I thought I'd throw that in for future readers who pass through the question while planning a trip to the city. Do not miss it if you are there.

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Actually, Snow City *does* deliver, and they are indeed wonderful, but the delivery radius is within 4 blocks? or so, and only during weekday lunch.
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The Alaska Dinner Factory is a great suggestion! If you can't talk someone there into making a delivery run, maybe a friend of your friend could pick it up? Or I could do it-just send me a msg. :)
Milano's makes a great ceasar salad, topped with gyro meat, that would be an option and they'll deliver.
Sara's Sandwiches, Taco King, and Panda all offer pretty wide delivery rage and hours, and might be able to accomodate your friend's needs.
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We went with the Alaska Dinner Factory---buying 2 weeks of food for three people, and having them pick it up. Thanks, all!
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