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Help me find a first night seder to go to somewhere in the vicinity of northern Maryland.

My 10 year old daughter lives in Havre de Grace, MD. Her mother is not Jewish. I am looking for a first night seder to go to anywhere within a reasonable drive of her home — so as far north as Philadelphia or as far south as DC. In the past, I have found first night seders at Jewish community centers, but so far haven't been able to find one. I also believe that someone in Maryland has a matching program, for people who have extra seats to match with people with nowhere to go, but I have not been able to find this via Google.

I know that we can go to a Lubavitch seder, but I have done this before and find that they usually don't even get rolling until after my daughters bed time (around 9; meltdown usually occurs before 10). I know there are also hundreds of second night seders we could attend, but certain scheduling vicissitudes make that impossible. So: does anyone know of a reform or middle-of-the-road seder my daughter and I could attend in the area described above? I will appreciate any leads.
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I don't know Maryland; but it's not uncommon for congregations to do matching programs. They're aimed at their own congregants, but wouldn't turn away someone in your situation. I would call all of the reform and conservative shuls in the geographical area you could attend, and ask.
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Best answer: At the campus Hillel seders I've been to, it's not at all uncommon for non-students to join, sometimes even with kids in tow. You might e-mail Hopkins Hillel and see if they would be cool with that.
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Best answer: Also try U of Delaware Hillel, about half an hour away. I know the Rabbi and he's a mensch. Don't know what they are doing in terms of first night seders. Their website doesn't show any obvious way to sign up online.

You could do your own first night seder wherever you are staying - not easy, but possible - she could invite a few friends - and you could attend one of the many second night seders very easily.
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Response by poster: I checked with local universities, and several responded. It looks like U Delaware in Newark is the most convenient. Thanks for your suggestions.
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Response by poster: Oh, and the synagogue with the matching program was Tikvat Israel. That might have worked too, but Rockville seemed too far away.
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