Best bachelorette party EVER
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What should I do for a bachelorette party?

I am throwing the bachelorette party for my best friend in about a month, and I need original ideas. She isn't interested in the traditional bar hop/strip club or spa day kind of thing. I would like to do something relaxing, interesting, cheap (under $50) and in the northwest ohio/southeast michigan area. The bride and attendees are all in their early twenties, if that helps. Thanks!
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my sis threw me a "lover's lane" party. I'm sure it's called many different things, but it's basically Tupperw^re for sex toys and lingerie. I'm not the sleeping around type and neither are my friends but we had a blast. open-mindedness is the key. sis also kept the theme going with cupcakes with little pink icing penises drawn on them, and penis-shaped balloons. there's also a website that sells frighteningly lifelike penis pinatas, but whacking a phallus to bits right before my wedding was a little too Freudian for my taste.

it's as cheap or expensive as you want it to be, depending on what you buy. :-)
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If you don't want to do the cliche everything-shaped-like-a-penis theme, why not a slumber party theme? Snacks, pedicures, a movie and Truth or Dare-type games would be cheap enough if you think the girls would enjoy it.

(If you do want to do the everything-shaped-like-a-penis theme, I have a set of penis-shaped muffin tins that need a good home.)
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the best bachelorette party i've ever attended:

step one: an hour of salsa dance lessons for everyone
step two: dinner at a local tapas bar with LOTS of sangria
step three: go salsa dancing. the combination of minimal instruction and a great deal of sangria is unbeatable. there are generally lots of attractive men looking for dance partners and you're just tipsy enough to get over any self-consciousness about your lack of expertise.
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Laser Tag. Seriously.
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I was going to say roller skating party, but Laser Tag would be even cooler and probably less dangerous. Either have a nice dinner first, or do something informal afterwards like really good barbecue.

There's also bowling. Nobody remembers how much fun bowling is, except when you're actually bowling. Plus, there's beer. If you time it right, you might even find blacklight or disco bowling. Places like that are usually cool with you bringing in a cake so you can take a break for cake and toasts. I'm really allergic to the whole penis-themed embarrass-the-bride thing, but even I would award bonus points if you can find the bride a white bowling shirt.

Almost any place that does kids' parties can also do grownups' parties. If you guys are near a zoo, aquarium, science or other cool museum, give them a call.
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Whatever activity you end up should definitely do it while dressed as bridesmaids from the 80s. You can ususally find really hideous dresses at 2nd-hand stores and they'll probably have a pretty cheap and dated wedding dress for the bride too. I would only do this if you really just don't care who you run into. And don't forget the crimped hair and banana clips either.
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I attended a roller-skating bachelorette party recently that was great fun (and this even though I am a danger to myself and others on skates). Bowling or laser tag would also be good. I'm a big fan of parties that include activities, which allow people to socialize but also get everyone loosened up by encouraging silliness.

(I like the dressing up as 80s bridesmaids idea, too, if your crowd likes that sort of thing.)
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Several of my friends have decided they weren't interested in traditional bachelor(ette) party activities, so they had combined bachelor + bachelorette parties (i.e., guys and girls at the same party). Basically it was a chance for the couple to see their friends, get drunk, play games, dance -- whatever they like to do at a party -- and take a break from the more family-oriented activities surrounding the wedding.

Obviously a co-ed party has a different atmosphere than a single-sex one, and I'm sure some couples would prefer to stick with separate parties.
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Do strip teases for a complete stranger's Bachelor party.
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What about something cheesy like a craft night? Each guest can bring an item representing her relationship with the bride-to-be - a photo, fabric from an old concert t-shirt, a stuffed animal, whatever - to be combined with art supplies and turned into crafty creations. It's amazing how nicely beer and sequins go together . . . And the bride will appreciate that she is still the focus despite the lack of penis balloons.
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I think an outdoor teambuilding type experience sounds like a fun bachelorette idea... you'd have to have the right group of people, though. Regardless, I like the idea of the party being an empowering/bonding experience instead of an embarassment.
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