American poem about a father and son in a boat.
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Looking for the name and/or author of an American poem about a father and son in a boat.

Years ago while house sitting for a friend I came across a poem I really loved, and like an idiot did not bother to note the author or title. It was in a compendium of American poetry and was a poem about a father and son in a boat. I believe it was written from the son's perspective (but my memory is quite fuzzy here) and that it contained references to being the end of the day and/or rowing toward home or the shore.

I know this is a long shot and not much to work from, but any ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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Do you mean Edgar A. Guest's A Boy and his Dad? Or was it something more modern? Rhymed or unrhymed?
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Sadly I'm not certain of when it might have been published. It was a rhyming poem, and I believe a bit shorter than A Boy and his Dad. Thanks!
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