DIYODS!!! (do it your own dang self)
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What are the best DIY sites on the web?

I just discovered that my beloved readymade has gone under (I'm a little late to the party).

Is there anything along those lines regarding, but not limited to: furniture, craft projects, gardening etc. that offer instructional tutorials for interesting, creative and quirky projects with an undercurrent of enviromental/use what you got-ness to fill the void?
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I like Craft, if you're not limiting this to print media.
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Instructables, Make: Projects.
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Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

Featuring the BarBot (a robotic bartender) and the Eggbot (for decorating easter eggs) plus the legendary Candyfab 3D printer.
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recently on the blue, I can vouch for her furniture plans being totally awesome and easy to use, even for a total furniture novice.
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4chan's /diy/. No, really! It's pretty good.
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I like curbly, design sponge, and apartment therapy.
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Young House Love is definitely very home-renovation and decor-centric, but they do a lot of different stuff (furniture/craft/garden/landscape/spray painting EVERYTHING) and they are always great about linking to other people's projects (see their quarterly Pinterest Challenges and Reader Redesigns)
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Pinterest. The DIY & Crafts section is great, and you can always just do a search for 'tutorial'.
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I get tons of ideas from
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Furniture? It's hard to beat Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer.

Popular Woodworking's online I Can Do That! column might also be a great fit.
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Manhattan Nest and Ikea Hackers
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