40 minutes to better Google-fu
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Seeking activities, tutorials or resources designed to impart academically-oriented Google skills. Bonus points: fun?

Assume a late-adolescent audience, comfortable with technology but not necessarily very search-savvy. I'd really love to gather some resources that'd work in ~40-50 minutes, in a lab setting, aimed at teaching the kinds of basic skills necessary to locate background information for papers and projects. Maybe a tiny bit of introductory Google Scholar to boot. Ideally, these would be at least a little bit lively and enjoyable.

What I've found so far:
--Google Guide (exhaustive, but not very usable, particularly for flighty teens)
--This infographic (infuriatingly un-printable)
--Google Teacher (some great lesson plans, but it looks as though it'd take about a month to cover all this material at this level of detail)

Actually Googling the topic (heh) produces vastly more noise than signal, so I wanted to ask if anyone has recommendations or suggestions from personal experience. Anything else I should be investigating? Anybody have tried-and-true activities they use for this?
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I know I read about a "Google for Librarians" or "How Librarians Google" or something a while ago. I couldn't find exactly what I remembered but this site has lots of ideas.
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Just needed another minute -- here's the article I mentioned. Article and/or bibliography might have something useful.
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The infographic you linked to is easily printed, if you're willing to do just a little bit of copy/paste, then some cut/paste a few times to break it down into pieces that can easily be printed on one page for each piece.
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The Inside Search Google Blog is great, one of my favourites. Lots of posts with tutorials or demos on various features. I just saw a link to A Google a Day - huh, interactive practice.

These more technical sites might help you find resources, or the big geeks in your group might like them :)

- Google also has an Official Blog PLUS they have a ton of other more focused blogs e.g. for Google Scholar.

- Health Libraries Wiki: Out Google [Your Students]

- Greg Notess & Search Engine Showdown has been around for a long time, good for other search engine info too.
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Ooops broken link - Google Blog Directory
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