Where's Painting's Cutting Edge?
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Any recommendations for blogs/sites about the cutting edge of contemporary painting? I'm casting a wide net here in terms of subject matter, abstraction vs. representation, etc.
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How about these?




Not contemporary but might be of interest - http://mydailyartdisplay.wordpress.com/

Not strictly painting but this site is quite good for just being bombarded with all kinds of stuff going on in the art world - http://www.juxtapoz.com/

Hope you find something of interest.
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I love Juxtapoz, but then I'm a punker/skater/sculptor too. The only other artist's blog that I check into regularly, that isn't tumblrey and random is, Timothy Buckwalter's. There are probably better blogs out there, but he has some good links to artists and some other interesting stuff as well as some of his own work and writing about art.
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We Find Wildness casts a wider net than just painting, but it's my favorite contemporary art blog.
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