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Moving windows or palettes around in Photoshop CS5.1 on Mac OS X 10.7.3 is a total nightmare. This is the only app giving me this problem. Halp.

This is a Macbook Air with Lion 10.7.3 on it. I use an Apple Magic mouse. The problem is that when I attempt to drag any window or palette around the Photoshop workspace, it's as if I've released the mouse button too early. The window moves a few pixels and then jumps back to it's original location. I've dumped my PS settings, fiddled with the mouse Control Panel; I've got no ideas at all at this point. My other machine is a 24" iMac that's otherwise identical in terms of setup and it does not have this issue.

By the way, the Macbook Air does this even when I'm using the trackpad.

Any ideas before I pull all my hair out?
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Just a guess: Have you tried resetting your Workspace?
In Photoshop under Window>Workspace>Reset Essentials
Or maybe somehow a Workspace was saved with your palettes/windows in this position so they want stay where they are when try to move them. You can try deleting any saved Workspaces and going back to the default views. I have not used these settings very much, but it's the first thing I thought of after I read your question. Hope it helps.
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